23 - 25th of June 2021

The event will take place near Paris

We want our future back!

Ouishare Fest is back to embrace long term thinking and embark on an alternative future for us all.

Health, ecological, social, financial: our world is in perpetual crisis.

The permanent state of emergency forces us to react instantly, instead of thinking long-term.

The consequences of this loss of horizon: inequalities are increasing, we're losing our sense of solidarity and the planet is dying.

Through discussions and shared experiences between thinkers, decision-makers and do-ers, Ouishare Fest offers to take back the control of time and find the right rhythm.

Three days to shift the "course of history".

Three days to reorient, organize and act.

Three days to take our future back.

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The fest has already begun through a series of micro-events: Intervalles.


The 15-minutes city

4th of March 2021

Online Webinar

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Intervalle#5 should take place on the the 25th of March, stay tuned!

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COVID-19: Tickets will be refunded if we have to cancel the event. More information here.